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Recent news from the NPASA community. Follow to stay up-to-date on everything that matters to South Australian Nurses.

Behind the Membership Fees: NPASA vs. ANMF SA

ANMF South Australia Full Time membership costs $815.70, whereas NPASA membership is notably lower...

NPASA: A Nurses' Union That Actually Works for You

The ANMF SA costs $815 per year. What do you get for it?  

By comparison the NPASA is $464.10 per...

Case Win: Nurse Underpaid for Over a Year Due to Misclassification

Nurses Union NPAA steps in to help 

A nurse from the Queensland Branch, the Nurses Professional...

Case Win: Union Representative Helps Nurse Get Paid

Your Shield in Wage Recovery

All employees have one time or another faced unexpected challenges at...

Case Win: Making Workplace Meetings A Positive Member Experience

How Nurses Can Approach A Meeting With The Manager

For current and future members of the Red Unions...

Case Win: Developing Responsible Social Media Usage

Effective Health Advocacy: A Mentoring and Training Program

Our member, a Registered Nurse in...