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Case Win: Nurse Pay

How NPAA Negotiated a better employment contract

At the NPAA and Red Union Support Hub, our mission is to be more contactable, reliable and member-focused than any other union in Australia. That means when a member has an issue we guarantee to fight for you, and we do our best to get a quick resolution. 

Recently, one of our members requested help from one of our experienced case managers regarding a pay discrepancy upon starting employment with a new healthcare employer. 

Paying you correctly is one of an employer’s most basic and fundamental obligations. They better get it right, or else we’ll sort it out.   

Sarah approached us with concerns about her employment contract, particularly regarding payment and entitlements. Initially, the company proposed to pay Sarah under a different award, despite her role as a nurse. Recognizing the disparity, we successfully negotiated for Sarah to be paid according to the Nurses Award, ensuring fair compensation aligned with her profession.

Then, the company tried to pay Sarah at the lowest level RN rate, disregarding her extensive experience. Negotiating with the employer, we secured a 50% higher pay rate (per hour rate) for Sarah, acknowledging her expertise and dedication. This equals thousands of extra dollars in our member’s pocket. 

Another issue arose regarding Sarah's annual leave entitlement. As a shift worker, Sarah was entitled to five weeks of annual leave, but the company only wanted to provide 4 weeks. Advocating for her rights, we successfully ensured that Sarah received the full entitlement of five weeks of annual leave.

With each challenge addressed and resolved, Sarah's case was closed with a favorable outcome. Her experience serves as a testament to the impact of advocacy and negotiation in achieving better outcomes for our nurses & midwives.

Sarah's story is just one example of the difference we strive to make for our members every day. 

How is the NPAA so effective in defending members during workplace issues and disputes? Our experienced and professional case managers use our unique RED™ case resolution system.

Why is the NPAA different? We believe that real change in healthcare STARTS with empowering frontline nurses, not bureaucrats. 

If you are a member of NPAA and need assistance with a workplace issue, please submit a member support ticket on your dashboard, or contact us at 1300 263 374 - hotline@npaa.asn.au

To find out more about NPAA and become protected today visit: npaa.redunion.com.au/join